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Laundry Services in Hartford


Self-Serve Laundry

18 lb., 30 lb., 40 lb. and 60 lb washing machines.

Super-fast spin cycles mean less time in the dryer, less time doing laundry.

Wash - Dry - Fold

You drop your laundry off and pick up, and we'll have it ready for you the same day or the next day, depending on the time of dropoff.

Pickup and Delivery

Laundry pickup and delivery service to all of Hartford County, CT.

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Laundry Delivery Service

Laundry pick-up and delivery to all of Hartford County.

Contact us to

schedule now!

Plenty of Equipment

More equipment means less time spent waiting for an open washer machine or dryer.

Our NEW machines are ready to go to work for you.

Less waiting

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Super Spins' wash-dry-fold service means your laundry is done on your schedule. You have better things to do.

Ready when you are

Self-Service Folding Tables

Keep your clothes wrinkle-free, fold them on one of our many tables

Plenty to go around

Laundromat Hartford

Forgot Your Detergent? 

We offer a variety of detergents, fabric softeners, bleach or bleach alternatives, in single-use or larger sizes. We also stock stain removers, dryer sheets, lint rollers, laundry bags, laundry carts, and other convenience items all at the best prices available. We are constantly shopping for deals, and pass those on to you.

No worries! 

Plenty of Ways to Pay

Need cash? Super Spin offers a traditional cash ATM as well as a Bitcoin ATM.

Of course, we are a traditional coin-operated laundry which means that our washer machines and dryers accept quarters. But we also offer contactless payments using the PayRange contactless payment system. Download the PayRange app and you can pay and start the machines from your phone.

Cash or contactless

Contactless laundromat
Image by Suad Kamardeen

Free Little Library

Read something great while you do your laundry!

Take a book - leave a book

Amazon Locker Hub

As an Amazon Locker Hub in Hartford, we offer a safe, secure delivery location for your Amazon orders. Drop off your laundry while you pick up your packages!

What could be more convenient?

Ultimate convenience

Hartford Amazon Locker Hub
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